Dana, an 8 year old Anorexic

Why are younger children starving themselves? Sometimes they feel like it’s easier if they are dead. The above story is that of an 8 year old. How on earth does an 8 year old get to that stage?

It all starts with one person saying something re how they look, seeing someone on the tv calling themselves fat or a family member saying they are overweight…

So many young girls lose the battle of anorexia, it’s sad, what’s even sadder is that most of the time the blame falls on adults.

It doesn’t just happen to young teenage girls, it happens to all of us, it takes one person to say, ‘you are fat, you are overweight’…and that’s it…

just THINK next time you call someone fat or overweight, it may be just words to you but you are infact killing them and that is murder in itself.

Here are a few stories.



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