Islam, Women and Oppression

Are you oppressed?  These are a few things that might come to your mind when you see someone wearing Hijab. It fills the media, day in, day out… Muslim women and “oppression”. Oppression conjures up all sorts of negative images.

We, Muslims women come in all shapes and sizes and have all sorts of beliefs.  I’m as English as anyone else and just because I have converted, it has not changed me personally, except that I believe in Allah and my day to day life is for Allah.

At the end of the day, I watch movies, xrated, porn,comedies, romance, action, thriller, you name it, I watch it. I read celebrity gossip. I shop at Victoria’s Secret and Ann Summers to buy beautiful lingerie. I could work outside the home if I chose to, I’m pursuing my dreams like the rest of the world. I have cupboards filled with designers handbags and designer jewellery. I own two cars and a boat. I own a passport. I can vote. I can dance naked in my bedroom should I choose to do so. I swear, I say bad words. I get angry. I cry. I sing. I make mistakes like all of you. I’m not different.

The only difference is that little piece of fabric I wrap around my head and it REALLY BOTHERS YOU, DOESN’T IT? Big whoop. What’s the big deal? Are you that ignorant that you can’t understand that? It’s like you choosing to wear a red dress, you like the dress and therefore you wear it, it might not look that great on you, but you WANT to wear it. I WANT to wear Hijab. There are many reasons people choose to wear Hijab, and for me, I felt it a necessity when I converted to Islam, that doesn’t mean it is mandatory in my religion, some would say it is, some would say it isn’t, but at the end of the day, it’s a woman’s personal choice. I’m not harming anyone by wearing a piece of material on my head, am I? So, what’s the big deal?No one is forcing me too, infact, my husband preferred that I didn’t wear hijab when I converted but I wanted to.

Really, time for you to shut up, FYI those that are telling me ‘I’m Oppressed’… I’m NOT. LOL. I’m far from ‘oppressed’. I spend my weekends sunbathing, dancing and doing what every normal person does in Summer.

I believe God asked us to cover our bodies and that includes our hair. Look at other religions. They are all very similar; think of the Amish, Mormons, even Hasidic Jewish women. They all cover up in some way to preserve their modesty. Now, I’m not here to judge anyone. If you want to walk around outside naked, go for it.  So why is it, that whenever it comes to people who prefer to live more conservatively everyone is up in arms? OH MY GOSH SHE’S COVERING HER CLEAVAGE! So what? Why do I have to share my goods with you? Is there any reason why I should share my beautiful breasts with anyone other than my husband? No. You don’t need to see them nor do I need to display them for the world to see. I choose who gets to see me and who doesn’t. Is that what is so bothersome, that I actually have a choice? I’m seriously trying to figure this out.

Some Muslim women wear the headscarf and some women don’t. Some Muslim women choose to wear their headscarf in a way that conforms somewhat to today’s fashion and some prefer to go old school. For me, I like to mix it up a bit. If I want to wear it the egyptian way, I will, nobody, not my husband or my friends or anyone will tell me how to wear my hijab as that is MY OWN PERSONAL CHOICE.

Here’s my last words to you (the person that feels I’m oppressed)’two children with degrees and one with a phd, well done, but it’s a pity that you nor them has a brain between yous.’


6 responses to “Islam, Women and Oppression

  1. I agree with what you have to say, however my problem is not with women who choose to wear it, but women who are forced to wear it by their parents/spouses, I personally have no choice, and so do many of my friends, hence I consider it oppression, you however are a beautiful example of freedom of choice and being who you are, good job.

    • You always have a choice and at the end of the day as hard as it may be, your parents would not want to ‘lose you’ or have you ‘disown’ them… so there is always a choice, unless of course you are from the kind of family that would beat you to a pulp. lol. I know alot of girls that have been forced to put hijab by their parents but I also know alot of girls who have managed to not put hijab and then there’s those that have put it and removed it. If you fight hard enough for something you believe in, you always win, hitting a wall with a sledge hammer over and over will put a dent and eventually it will break.

  2. Oh, I totally love this. It pisses me off when this happens. Although I, myself don’t believe in converting because even if it doesn’t show, I am quite religious, maybe some people feel better in that religion. (whether they convert from Christianity to Islam or vice versa) It’s their life. Their choice. And with the 7ijab, I hate it when people are forced to wear it, but as long as it’s your choice again, then that’s perfect. I wear a scarf when I go to church and many women when get older (or at least it was that way baaaack in the past) wear a scarf. I also hate when people, mostly here to be honest, call foreigners names and say they’re whores (sorry for my French :p). It doesn’t mean that you sleep around and stuff. Personally, I am not like that and I know many people who are not like that. You can find bad people in all nationalities/religions/cultures, etc.

    It’s your life. As my life is totally and completely mine. You as well as I and others, can do whatever.

    And as for oppression, any person can be oppressed..

    I hate judgemental people, really. Like, get a life, really!

    • Yes, when I was Christian, I wouldn’t dare have walked into church with my boobies hanging out, infact most days,I wore a long dress to my ankles and a cardigan. I didn’t cover my head as I didn’t believe that I had to then, again, my choice.
      Each to their own.
      I think it’s beautiful that you chose to wear a scarf and be conservative attending church.
      And as for your french 😛 yes, if you are western/white in kuwait… you are a whore, that’s how it goes bes el7umdella not everyone thinks like that. There are a tiny minority that do.

      • Yeh, I wore it out of respect and because I found it innocent. And thank you! :$ Plus even when I go out I don’t show my boobies and all, haha! Why? Do I get an award for being a whore? No. Why not just be me and not copy all those people out there..

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