Stealing from me…

Tonight I was notified that another blogger was stealing my content.
Here’s a few words for you. That’s pathetic. Go get a life and a mind of your own.
You copied one post and didn’t even link the video- lol therefore the post makes no sense.
The person that informed me is now blogging it and when they do, I’ll reblog their post and upload some screenshots.
I’ve been a blogger for a long, long time, and long before I got married. Kuwait wasn’t like this before. We don’t steal people’s content. That’s not how blogging works. Take my whole entire post, I don’t care but REFER back. Don’t act like its yours especially when you have sponsors up there and are looking to fill ad spaces. One phone call to your current sponsors could change a lot 🙂

Here’s a shot of my Cheryl Cole post that I posted earlier on the other blog 🙂


Oh and, saw this to, it’s from Pink Girl’s blog ….


UPDATE- the blogger in question was using some kind of auto post plugin which was pulling in posts from other Kuwaiti blogs.

Update 2- and they apologised


3 responses to “Stealing from me…

  1. I hate this! It happened to me twice, but I shut up about it. If it will happen again, I will make a big thing out of it, lol. Make yourself a copyright thingy, like I have. It’s not a proper one, but you know, feels cool! :p

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