Kuwait’s social and labor minister quits

Please note: The Above Image in no way depicts the person the article is referring to, it is merely an image from google

Kuwait’s minister for social affairs and labor has resigned, local media reported on Tuesday, making him the second cabinet member to step down in the last several weeks under pressure from opposition lawmakers.
Officials at the ministry were not immediately available to comment on the source-based reports in all of Kuwait’s main newspapers.


Meanwhile, the new labor law still hasn’t come into effect? Or has it?

And, in this day and age shouldn’t the entire labor law be available online as a pdf?


6 responses to “Kuwait’s social and labor minister quits

    • LOL!!! I know the ‘Kuwaitiah.net’. I’ve seen it before but it’s not very helpful…
      I mean where is that sourced from? These have all been written by indians/pakistanis…… which is why the other is found on http://www.indiansinkuwait.com
      It should be available officially from the ministry website (that’s what I meant to say)
      I used that labor law a few years ago when I was having trouble with a school I was in, they said it was BS***……..

      • Yeah I know, but until then people will always scan it and have it readily available online until the ministry updates their crapdows system!

      • Better than nothing yes… but still, an official source would be nice, that labor law has been up there for years… has the new one still not been approved?

  1. There’s one link i’ve used to print the labor law & it was copied from a book or something, but anyways it included the whole thing! it wasn’t written by Indians or anything! because when I used some of the things mentioned in it to face my employers & HR they were shocked I knew these things so I knew it was true πŸ˜›

    • Yes, I know some of it is true but unless it’s got some official stamp/ministry thingy on it then very few people will take it seriously, my employer a few years ago said, ‘where did you get this? an internet forum?’ Know what I mean?

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