Dozen of Kuwaitis Fighting in Syria

Have just read that almost a dozen Kuwaitis are fighting alongside the Syrian Rebel Army, I’m happy to hear this, sad for the families whose loved ones may have gone but it’s about time people started to help the people of Syria who are being slaughtered.


”According to the paper, the volunteers are given Syrian IDs as a precautionary measure in case they are arrested, before they are armed and sent to fight in different locations across the troubled country. The sources added the Syrian rebels sent back a number of Kuwaiti fighters who were less than 18 years of age. Calls to fight alongside the FSA have multiplied in recent weeks on online social networks in Saudi Arabia. In response, the kingdom’s top religious body issued an edict last week prohibiting Saudis from fighting against Assad’s regime without prior approval from the government. The FSA consists mainly of former troops who have deserted the regular army in protest against the government’s bloody crackdown.”



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