Botamba – What is it?

I assumed that EVERYONE knew what Botamba was. We used it with BabbleQ8 and we are both using it again with our blogs.

It surprised me today when I saw that there are only around 3,800 follower following Botamba on Twitter. That is shameful. How many  bloggers do we have? How many readers do we have? We have alot more readers than 3,800. EVERYONE should be following Botamba. It will keep you up to date with ALL BLOGS in Kuwait.

Most blog users have added their blog to Botamba and Botamba has a live feed which looks like this

I have downscaled these images but if you click they will enlarge, basically you get a live feed everytime a blog updates.

It’s definitely worth a follow on Twitter as they tweet all posts too.

Follow Botamba on Twitter @botamba


2 responses to “Botamba – What is it?

  1. Thanks for the post 😀

    I didn’t want kel min hab o dab to start a blog. That’s why I have not advertised the site much. Unfortunately, many blogs are copying contents from each other and posting unoriginal content.

    I love your blog and BoKhaloodie’s. Keep up the good work 🙂

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