Apple Announce NEW MACBOOK PRO with Retina Display

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference took place today and Apple annouced the New Macbook Pro

Apple announced Monday that all of its notebooks are getting an update, confirming rumors and giving the summer’s slew of ultrabooks some more competition. The company also introduced a new model.

The next generation MacBook Pro, unveiled Monday, is ultra-thin and was described by Apple as the “most beautiful computer” that the company’s ever made. The notebook will start at $2199.

The notebook is .71 inches thin, Ars Technica reported, and weighs just 4.46 pounds. It has a retina display, which measures 15.4 inches across, and has 220 pixels per inch.

Siri was as the opening act for Apple chief executive Tim Cook on Monday, warming up the crowd by cracking a few jokes at the expense of Apple competitor Samsung and Google.

She also acted as Apple’s first ambassador to its devoted developer community, saying “I love you guys. It’s hard for me to get emotional because my emotions haven’t been coded yet- lol, you gotta love Siri! They also revealed that Siri would be coming to iPad.



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