My Second Honeymoon


Almost three years ago, I married my soulmate, my best friend BoKhaloodie.
Our wedding anniversary is coming up and strangely enough, it will be our first anniversary together, for reasons beyond our control, our first and second wedding anniversaries were spent apart 😦 so, this year, we want to make it REALLY special, so, why not have a second honeymoon!
We spent our first honeymoon in Grosvenor House in Dubai marina, it was absolutely out of this world, way above and beyond any other hotel I have ever stayed in.
I would love to go there, only this time, we are taking the babies and, well, I didn’t really get the impression it was a child friendly hotel.
They made us feel so welcome on our honeymoon and it would be really hard to go elsewhere.
Anyone have any recommendations?
We want a pretty ‘western’ hotel 🙂 pool, bars, restaurants, entertainment etc.
Please don’t give me the name of a bedsit or brothel. 🙂

P.s few pics from our honeymoon stay 🙂







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