Be thankful


As I was browsing my twitter this morning, it got me thinking, so many people in this world don’t realise how lucky they are. I read tweets like, ‘I’m so angry, Miu Miu might not be coming’ , ‘im so tired, my dog snored all night’, ‘i dont want to go to my family house, i wanna sleep’ and it makes me want to reply, ‘for
Goodness sake, get a life’.
Just yesterday, I heard of a nine year old with cancer.
Just stop and think for just a second.
Is your life really that bad? Is the fact that a store may not be opening really enough to make your blood boil? If your dog is snoring, kick it out in the yard where it belongs… Oof.
There is always, always something or even more, someone to be thankful for.
I’m thankful to BoKhaloodie because he has given me two wonderful, wonderful children that are the sunshine in my day and the stars in my night sky.
Without BoKhaloodie, I may not have such wonderful children and any other
Man may infact make me work all my life and not watch my children grow.
My children are happy, healthy and
Mashallah, oodie is a little
Einstein and I have the opportunity to watch them grow old, take them to
School, take them shopping, out for walks, movie days, lazy days, whatever, u name it and all because my husband is intelligent and smart and has an excellent job.
Thank you 3umri without you I wouldn’t have these beautiful children and wonderful life.
You make everything complete and I love you. People say, I want to be treated like a Queen and most never get that from a partner but el7umdella, I get treated better than a Queen
And I thank you from the bottom of my
A7ibk BoKhalid


3 responses to “Be thankful

  1. We are indeed blessed to live such lives of luxury here- relatively worry free and with all the comforts we need.
    Now if only someone would invent a damned weather changing machine we’d be all set!

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