Mada, Viva and Zain

The US Economy is losing speed, the UK are still dealing with ‘the credit crunch’ and Kuwait, well, we have one of the best economies in the world and yet, we have fibre optic wires for internet that in some areas still aren’t activated.
When is Kuwait going to fix this issue?
It’s not a tiny issue, it’s huge.
Companies need the speed for video conferencing, people need the speed for gaming, watching videos.
We have used Viva for two years, a few days ago we changed to Mada, we have a trial for a week and so far I’ve given it a 0/10. We aren’t even hitting 1mb… What on earth is that about? It’s pinging at around 85 and that’s on a good day. The first hour we were getting around 2/3mb… Then it dropped and continued to drop until it almost wouldn’t connect. My 3G coverage with Zain is faster. My mini wifi router with Viva is faster. Is Mada a scam? No-one replies to tweets and/or answers the phone. I’m guessing we will be taking this back but what next? Which Internet provider can give what they promise?


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