Funny Search Terms – The Dogs Get It This Time

Sorry buddy, as cute as you may be, you aren’t getting anywhere near my leather sofas or my egyptian cotton sheets.

Recently, I discovered that a visitor came to this site looking for an answer to “Why do Muslims dislike dogs?” A Google-search reveals all kinds of misinformation on the position of us regarding dogs — ranging from the outright malicious to the hilariously off-key.

In Islam…
A dog can be owned for purposes such as the following:
1. A trained dog for hunting. Remember in Islam we are only allowed to hunt for food; there is no such thing as hunting for fun, for we are not allowed to kill or torture animals or drive them out of their habitats for the fun of it.
2. A trained dog as a guide. This would be the case if a person is blind and he/she has no choice but to keep a dog for essential services. In this case, it is permissible for him/her to keep a dog inside the house once it has been trained for service, but it is still recommended that the dog have its own sleeping arrangement. 3. A dog trained for police duties.
4. A guard dog to guard houses or property.
5. A dog used by farmers to shepherd cattle and sheep.
All creatures are the creation of Allah Taãla and do deserve the recognition of being a creation of the Almighty. As much as Muslims detest even the sight of pigs – it is the creation of Allah Taãla – and because Allah has placed life into it, we cannot inflict pain nor torture the pig.Similarly Allah Taãla created the dog from among His creation. This does not mean that we should love the dog. It is perhaps the indoctrination of the Western culture that ‘The dog is Man’s best Friend’. The theory that ‘dogs are very dependent on Human affection’ is a myth – again culture and custom has helped to develop this unnatural behavior.Sayyidna Abu Talha (Radhiyallaahu Ánhu) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallaaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or an animate picture. (Sahih Bukhari Hadith no. 2986)
Personally, I think dogs are cute but dirty, I think they should be kept outside and not inside where they are freely rubbing their butts on our sofas, chairs, beds etc. Not only that, no matter what anyone says; dogs smell. I remember a girl I went to school with had a dog and I recall her smelling of dog, her clothes, her hair and even her breath.

9 responses to “Funny Search Terms – The Dogs Get It This Time

  1. Everyone has their own opinions and I have no right to tell you that you’re wrong, but it’s not everything like this. Dogs truly are man’s best friend and I got this proven. It has nothing to do with ‘Western culture’, the way you put it in the sentence. But once again, everyone has their own opinions. Freedom of thought..

  2. @LexoKat- if you invited your best friend into your living room and he/she crouched over and licked their butt, then wiped their butt along your carpet before mounting your leg….how would you feel?

  3. You’re right, dogs can survive without human affection or intervention. But there is so much good in owning a good dog. I love that my dog loves me and wishes to live with me, if she did not she would have left long ago…I do not tie her, she is free when she goes outside and she always comes back home to me – generally not even leaving the yard. I get that you are not a dog fan, just as I think that cats are annoying and nasty creatures. Everyone is happily entitled to their own opinions in the world, YAY! As for me, I love my dog and treat her with the best love, care and attention I am able to provide and she returns that love 10 fold.

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