I love how you look


Often in life we hear ‘I love how you look’, ‘no you don’t need to lose anything’ and quite often it’s our loved ones just being nice.

As a teenage I was chubby, very chubby and as I headed into my late teens and headed off to uni, I lost the weight, started caring more about my appearance but then, I got comfortable again, I fell in love, I let myself gain weight without really noticing.

At my heaviest I weighed 107kilo. Yes, 107kilo. And then bam. It hit me. I’m 107 kilo, yes, I’ve had two babies to show for it but what a disgrace.

So, I jumped on the diet wagon. What did I do? I cut out junk and I got off my ass and started to do things, helping the maid around the house, putting my kids in the pram, taking them for walks, jogging, and after 8 months it paid off. 37 kilo lighter and still counting. I feel great. I’ve still got another 10 – 15 to go to hit my target.

I’m back into Uk size 12/14 trousers and a 14 on top. I would like to get down to a 10 on the bottom and a 12 on top and I for one believe I can do it!

On Friday, I’m starting my new diet, it’s Aloe Vera based and the products are being provided to me by a company called Flp4u. You can find them on twitter flp4u

It’s a 9 day programme and I will be sharing my journey with you. I’m feeling hopeful and also very, very proud of the weight that I have lost already. Not many people can say they have lost 37 kilo in 8 months.

Thank you to ALL my friends and family and of course, my wonderful, wonderful husband BoKhaloodie for all their support and love and kind and honest comments.


3 responses to “I love how you look

  1. Gosh mashallah that is def an achievement!!! I have been trying to loose 10 kilos after one baby and in one year just lost 5 kilos … I exercise 2-4 days a week n eat less… But these last five kilos seem impossible to get rid off… Any tips or guidance will really help me… I am getting really unmotivated n discouraged:) please do help me here…

  2. Thank you Um Khaloodie
    Am waiting to hear from you after 9 days of using the program


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