What Goes Around Comes Around

I love clichés. Why? Because clichés are mostly based on common sense and real life experience. While ultimate justice is not always clear on this earth, I sincerely do believe that one way or another whatever you do will come back to haunt you. So, be kind, be considerate, and don’t waste your energy on revenge or hate.

Those that do will and those that can’t won’t.

Someone has been extremely nasty to me and on several occasions I have bitten back, I have spoken out, said things I shouldn’t have said and today, my hubby said, ‘karma, karma, don’t waste your time on her, she isn’t worth it. You are a thousand times more of a woman than she will ever be and don’t let her make you think different’. I love my hubby for making me see sense.

We can’t choose our family and sometimes even our friends but we can decide who we want in our life and guess what, I don’t want you taking up any more of my precious time.

I don’t know if you read my blog or not, I suspect that you do, and my hubby’s, I hope that you do, and I hope you are reading this 🙂

I am a better person than you will ever be, and I own a passport, unlike you.




2 responses to “What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. Good for you, and yes, wise. Thanks for linking to my post. I’m glad I read this, and the karma graphic is great! Tonight I have had plans to officially patch up an old conduct, and somehow this inspiration comes at just the right time.

  2. HAHA! This made me laugh. You go! But it’s true. No one is worth it! As your husband said, you’re more of a woman than she (whoever she is) could be.

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