All the single ladies, please stand up.

A friend asked me tonight, why do so many single girls here go after married men? It got me wondering…why? Why does the fact that someone has 4/5 kids and a wife make you interested? Is it down to the fact that men can have two wives? three wives? four?

If you asked a thousand single women if they would ever get involved sexually with a married man, about nine hundred and ninety-nine of them would say “No Way!” And yet, sooner or later, a lot of them will. Reliable statistics are hard to come by, but the consensus of infidelity researchers is that, at some point in their lives, about fifteen to twenty percent of unmarried women will have an affair with a married man.

Why? What’s the reason?

Why would you want to ‘share’ someone?

El7umdella, I am married and happily married, I don’t have to even think how or why this can happen but I do want to be aware of why. I think it’s important to remember, not all marriages are ‘safe’, although BoKhaloodie knows if another wife appeared I’d be gone 🙂 LOL.

Would you ever accept being a second/third/fourth wife?

In Kuwait, it tends to go first wife kuwaiti, second wife egyptian, third wife morrocan/filipine, fourth wife ‘whatever’ . LOL

Does nationality matter?

All the single ladies, please ‘speak’ up – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


2 responses to “All the single ladies, please stand up.

  1. I would never accept being a second wife. As my husband would not accept me sleeping around with other men. It’s the same. Both genders are equal, therefore what he doesn’t want me to do, I don’t want him to do either. Hope it makes sense, because it did in my head, lol.

  2. I agree, I have told my husband before and after we were married that if he even thought of a second wife and I found out about it, it would be the last day he ever saw me or his kids ever again. Not saying anything about religion, but I can understand the reasons for it being ok in the past, these days I cannot understand. In my opinion if your wife isn’t “satisfying” you in any way let her know and try to fix it, if she can’t or won’t then get a divorce and be done with it. If you really love her and want her to be happy with you then it would never even cross your mind. It is just selfish.

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