My street cats and a death :(



The little kittens I rescued are doing really well, we have them on one of our back balconies. They come
In and out as they please and are loving their new home.
A few night’s ago, an adult street cat had got hit by a car, not my car, I’m not sure who or when either but… When I got out of my car to lift it from the middle of the road, I found it was still alive, I know my fair share on cats, being an avid animal lover all my life, it had a broken neck and multiple injuries elsewhere. I lifted her in my arms and rubbed her tummy and calmed her down. She died in my arms. I cried a lot. BoKhaloodie watched from the car and Im sure he was thinking ‘it’s just a cat, why is she distraught?’. But, it just made me think, our lives can end at any time, we could be alone or surrounded by people… But this poor cat was all alone until I came. I hope those last few moments were calming for her. Inshallah she is in Janna now running around chasing mice. Rip kitty.
I lifted her to the side of the road onto the walk way and covered her in tissues. I wasn’t sure what else to do…


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