Time for YOU to detox


Our environment is filled with toxic chemicals, some of them man-made and others which occur in nature. These environmental toxins often make their way into our bodies; we inhale them, ingest them in our food and water, and even absorb them through our skin.

While many of these chemicals are excreted during normal metabolic processes, persistent exposure to pollutants can cause them to build up in the system. The accumulation in our bodies of these harmful toxins (sometimes known as xenobiotics) is often referred to as “toxic load.” I know a few people who have had toxic major overload. It leads to rat like brittle hair, dark circles under the eyes, dry patches under the skin and bad bad bad nails.

I delivered two babies in two years, my body needed measure recovery, toning, weightless and detox. I did it and feel great.

Ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, substitute salt and sugar with natural herbs/sweeteners and stay off the couch!

It’s easy done if you just put your mind to it! Go for a walk, do some sit ups, no excuse to be still carrying pregnancy weight 10 years later. That’s just laziness.


2 responses to “Time for YOU to detox

  1. Yes, some people are sitting two years later still looking like heifers…..cooking every night seems to be their hobby…..shepherd’s pie, burgers, sweet potato chips and tacos- they aren’t going to keep their husbands that way.

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