Nokhitha Mall in Fintas


We all know that the area around Bairaq has slowly but surely been building up. Today, I passed by the malls to the left of Al Bairaq- Nokhitha Mall.

From the outside they look tiny but I was amazed at the size of them.
What stores are inside? Well, forget western, there aren’t any but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth going to.
Some cute little stores, nice perfume
Boutiques and of course, lots of chocolate/cake/cupcake places.

In a step aiming to reflect its innovative vision in the field of real estate development, Sama Holding Company introduced Nokhitha project in Fintas area. Joining a series of distinguished real estate projects (that the company is undertaking whether in Kuwait or foreign markets through its subsidiaries which form an integral system), this project revels one of the most shining jewel projects of Sama Holding.

The project was launched after conducting several studies that showed an increase in demand for commercial spaces in this area, in addition to keeping in pace with latest developments taking place around the world in this sector. Upon completion, Nokhitha is expected to become on of the major commercial complexes architectural landmarks in the State of Kuwait. – this is taken directly from Sama Holding Company website- the brains behind this commercial space.

You can read more here

Moreover, the first stage of the project includes Nokhitha 1 and Nokhitha 3. Stage two will include Nokhitha 2 and Nokhitha 4, creating a complete artistic work to last in the future.
Personally- I think it’s like a mini Fahaheel- one of my favourite places to go get my cheap bits and pieces from the souk. We all love our oils and our oud but who wants to queue for two hours in traffic! Check out this area!




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