Women Only Resort Kuwait


Was browsing google last might and I found a resort in Palm Springs that is for women only. We need a women only resort in Kuwait equipped with at least four pools, spas, jacuzzis, a ski place and a private beach.
Before I wore hijab, I used the female only pool at Regency, Mesillah and sometimes, Kempinski (now known as
We need this.
We want this.
I KNOW someone out there has the land/space and money to accomplish this.
We need an Elite Ladies Only Resort.
It’s a fantastic investment- u would be fully booked on a daily basis- I’m sure saudias would come to use it as would foreigners. Many of my non-hijab wearing western friends choose to tan/swim at ladies only days/pools as it is much more relaxing/comfortable.

So- to Mr Millions- if you are reading/ forget food/forget shops – ladies only resort is needed in Kuwait.

For the winter season- u will make your money on spas/salons/weekend bookings and restaurants. Go for it. It’s definitely worth it!

🙂 20120517-232923.jpg


5 responses to “Women Only Resort Kuwait

  1. Totally agree too- i remember once a holiday i had in the States- horrible with these fat 50 something married men gawking at you, while their wrinkly wives frazzle under the sun.

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