Female Judges in Kuwait

Five Kuwaiti lawmakers are pushing to bar women from becoming judges under an amendment of the relevant legislation. MPs Khalid Al Sultan, Ammar Al Ajmi, Abdul Lateef Al Umair, Nayef Al Mirdas and Mohammad Al Kindari said in their proposal to the parliament that the law should be amended to specify that judges should be only men. The current law stipulates that judges in Kuwait have to be Muslims, but does not refer to their gender. source

First of all, Islam does not say females cannot be judges therefore this should
Not be changed. Why can’t females be judges? Are we living in the dark ages? It’s about time people realise that having a beard doesn’t give
You the right to change Islam. You cannot adapt it to suit your needs or opinions.
Females can and should be judges.


One response to “Female Judges in Kuwait

  1. They’re just pathetic. It annoys me so badly how as you said think that they can change what it has been written in the Holy Book, whichever that is. No one can do so. So they shouldn’t make themselves so ‘important’ because they’re not. An! It irritates me!

    God made women equal to men. Why would some NORMAL people try to overrule God’s ‘wish’?


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