13 going on 30?

Tonight, as I looked around Bairaq, I couldn’t help but notice the kids- girls of 13/14 wearing similar clothes to me.
It got me thinking- am I wearing clothes that are too young for me?
Little girls should have pure faces, ribbons in their hair and cheeky grins- instead all I could see were: false eyelashes, cherry red lipstick and henna’d eyebrows…
Come on- who is at fault here? Mums? Dads? Older sisters?
Makeup is ok at 13 for birthday parties/weddings/rid etc but why are 13 year olds wearing stiletto heels and makeup out shopping!?
Am I the only mother that thinks this is outrageous?


One response to “13 going on 30?

  1. I’m not a mother and I still think it’s outrageous. They over do it! It’s not an occasional thing anymore. Now it’s an every day thing.

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