James Blunt dead at 35 due to a massive cardiac arrest

Thought I’d clear this up. On Monday, a massive rumour spread throughout Twitter… James Blunt dead from Heartattack at 35. When users clicked the tweet, they were infact taken to a page which looked EXACTLY like CNN’s homepage. It isn’t.

The actual link is THIS (benkling.com)

It ISN’T True. James Blunt is NOT dead.

This is the mastermind behind the article

The actual article is the article that was used when Michael Jackson died. This isn’t nice, not for his fans or his family members.

”Paramedics took Blunt from his west Los Angeles home Thursday afternoon to UCLA Medical Center, where a team of physicians attempted to resuscitate him for more than an hour, said brother Jermaine Blunt. He said the famed singer was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m. PT.” Note how the brother’s name is………anyone with common sense can read through the rest of the article and realise it is infact, Michael Jackson’s death that is being talked about and not James Blunt, who is infact alive and well.

Twitterers really need to stop killing people off and so does Ben Kling.


One response to “James Blunt dead at 35 due to a massive cardiac arrest

  1. Yes! Exactly! It freaked me out too! Then I researched and realised it’s all fake. Poor man. He apparently dies and he doesn’t even know about it.

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