My new homemade tanning oil!


Some may think I’m mad, some may say what’s the big deal?
In the last two week’s I have been using Johnson’s baby oil mixed with Betadine.. Yes, iodine. It is a beautiful colour and the sun loves it. Strangely enough I’m not burning. I’m just going brown… I will use it until the end of the month and then as the temp rises, I’m going to start using my usual factor 2/4.
Give it a try though, much better than Gazelle’s blood.



11 responses to “My new homemade tanning oil!

  1. Gazelle’s blood is disgusting. It gives you a red-ish colour because it sticks to your body. Ew. Take care with the baby oil, because usually it burns. I’ve been using Lancaster until I got some colour on and now I’m using olive oil.. pure olive oil, it’s great!

      • You would burn with olive oil too, that’s why I used Lancaster first, until I got some colour. I surely have to try it. I heard beer mixed with 7-up works, but never tried it, so I can’t give my word for it.

        Lancaster + olive oil = perfect!

  2. You know what? I used oxygen on my hair for highlights, it gives lovely colour but unfortunately it makes it dry. But then you can always treat it back with good conditioners

    • I get my hair done blonde every month with peroxide. I just use a really good deep conditioner once a week and it helps 🙂 blog post coming soon on my homemade concoction!

    • No, not really, considering you put it on when your tanning – you don’t have many clothes on to stain? LOL …
      It’s not a TANNING FAKE LOTION – It’s to help TAN in the sun 🙂

  3. I dont think using baby oil is a good idea! you will burn :/ better use a tanning oil with SPF 2 or 4!

    • chicken 😛
      I’ll start using a 2/4 at end of May, getting some colour first..once we get up into 40s on a daily basis, I will MOST DEFINITELY be using a factor!

  4. Baby oil and Iodine was pretty much the only tanning oil way back in my grandmother’s childhood days. She always had the most rich brown tan. And so natural.

    • Yes, and back during the War in the UK, when no tights were available, they used iodine and drew a black line up the back of their leg to look like stockings 🙂 LOL – or so I’ve been told 🙂 lol

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