Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait

20120502-104847.jpgLast night we ate at Hard Rock Cafe- old and so we thought it’s been awhile- let’s give it a try. There were 4 tables. 1 family and 3 couples –
We ordered the Jumbo Combo to start, it was delicious- I actually wished I had just gone with that and no main course….after 45 minutes we had still not received our food. It came almost one hour after our starter- this is seriously just far too long. I could understand if the place was flowing over with customers…….. But It wasn’t.20120502-104857.jpg
The service- (waitress) was polite
And well spoken but still didn’t come back when we had received our food to check everything was oK.. There wasn’t a problem with the food, it was delicious but an hour is a very long time to wait for a burger and fajitas.
I was disappointed with the overall experience- lets face it-Hard Rock has one of the best locations in Kuwait- it should be overflowing with patrons. It needs a complete revamp to its menu and it’s decor- and why can they not use the grass right at the back to let people eat outside? Such a shame we have beautiful weather yet we are stuck inside.













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