Holding onto pain

Pain, hurt and hate, the emotions we despise the most. It got me thinking tonight though, don’t you think it’s interesting that the wrongdoing could have happened something like 10 years ago, and yet we still feel the pain, hurt or anger as though the wound were made yesterday? This is our ego hanging on for dear life.

The ego wants to see the person who wronged us suffer. It wants to see them ‘pay’ for their crime. But remember, vengeance is often so exhausting that when you see your perpetrator pay for his crime, you often don’t feel any better. That is because your higher self doesn’t like to see fellow human beings suffer. Your ego does.


4 responses to “Holding onto pain

  1. Sometimes what we think is our lingering pain is just a feeling of being stupid for forgiving. Forgiveness is fine if the person changes or you get them out of your life. But if you forgive and they keep hurting you, then you feel even more worthless and betrayed. If you forgive and they do the same thing and hurt you again then they don’t respect you. And if you let them continue, you don’t respect yourself.

  2. Sometimes even when you apologize and attempt to forgive at the same time, the other person throws it in your face and continues to play the martyr….then what to do?

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