OMG- this is appalling….they need to patrol the beaches here like they do in dubai…


The weather has been blessed, it really has been. And to make the most of it curly tops and I have opted to send many mornings at the beach.

While playing in the sand and enjoying the earth beneath our feet, as I smothered my feet into the sand something struck me. It was laying loosely on the sand and to my dismay, as I peaked closer it was a syringe with the very long sharp needle still in place.

Also in the sand were soiled nappies, plastic bottle tops, spoons and forks, bones…yes chicken bones, from the nearby “burger king” and many other unimaginable items.

For expats who have never lived on the coast before, being close to the sea is a real treat. Thankfully, I guess, (I think- maybe not), I have chosen to be careful and still enjoy the beach, while many of my friends are too…

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