Divorce Rate in Kuwait


This topic is ALWAYS Blogged about but it’s a good topic-
Why is the divorce rate so high?
Women expecting too much?
Men expecting too much?
Men not playing the marriage game but instead continuing the single game?
Women just getting married to be ‘free’ from their family homes?
What is it?
Why divorce? Why does Kuwait have the second highest divorce rate in the world?
The last thing I would ever want to do is divorce and it would be a last resort bes inshallah I would never need to but if I has to, I would.
Is marriage just a piece of paper?
Marriage to be is a never-ending life bond between two people, until death do you part. Caring for one another through sickness and health, sharing ups and downs, going through thick and thin and more importantly sharing everything together and having no secrets.
What pushes people to divorce here? Is the divorce rate higher in arranged marriages?
Would love to hear / read your thoughts.


7 responses to “Divorce Rate in Kuwait

  1. the thing is ppl r being selfish and play a very b**** game . .. shallow mind , and refue to share the tiny stuff like groocry or takin care of the house stuff and puttin it all for the man bcos he has too could play a huge rule to screewd up.. however,, the presure tht they get frm thier family to get married before its too late for a girl and to be sattled for a man ! wut is this ??are we livin in 50s?? i dont believe in (gabil lay6ofch elq6ar thing) i rather being single then ended up divorce and ruin my whole life bcos tht i have too.. no it doesnt work tht way.. i thnk we reach a high level in society tht we r free enough to decide our future life and how we wanacolore it.. both gender need to be more mature and open mind to know tht marriage is sharing feelings and souls before money and sillly small thngs.. grow up and never thng tht money and wanasa is the most importnt thng.. no.. marriage is abt being a one family.. hand by hand and sharing sharing sharing.. i dnt say is a must to share but some situation needs to put ur finger prints on.. i thnk we need some traning courses or smthn to stand up and re think other way around..brain wash wize for good ….allah yhdehm bs

    • You think women here put it all for the man? The housework yani? Or sheno?
      I have to agree with you, staying single would be better than a divorce, I think anyone would agree with that.
      I think the problem is society is changing so much, Kuwait tries to roll with the times and it just can’t work. I also think girls have lost alot of respect for themselves……. nowadays, it’s 3ady to walk through the avenues in a sundress, bare legs and heels………. leaves nothing to be desired, and men won’t respect women like that- cus let’s face it- NO MAN in KUWAIT wants their wife walking around half naked……..the dress says ‘look at me, im only wearing panties and a bra under this).
      I think divorce is happening more and more here because we allow it to.

  2. I believe here people don’t take any kind of relationship seriously, not only marriage. They are either forced to marry someone, either just met the person for a month then boom, they’re married or other weird things. Getting married at a young age and having tons of kids (I mean, three, four) riiiiiight away increases the risk. I talked once with a Kuwaiti psychologist and she said that for people who’re marrying under 25 (and most do) the divorce rate is of 80%. That’s unbelievably high! That’s too high! That’s a shame! Moreover, most (notice my most) men over here just don’t care. They’re married and have millions of girlfriends (this happens outside as well, but for some reason, which I’d rather keep it private, because it may seem a controversial opinion, here it’s worse). This goes to women as well. It’s sad that marriage has become nothing nowadays and this happens everywhere. It’s just that maybe you’re expecting something else from Kuwait, so when it happens it’s like a shock. I don’t know. I think many things, but they may seem too ‘crazy’.

  3. the way i see it both expect too much from each other, but woman expect more to get than to give, men want modern looking girl with 1940 values, of how to treat a man like a GOD… men crave the attention of his wife .. i asked a group of friends when was the last time ur wife kissed ur head and said thanks for being a part of our life oo god bless u.. only 3 out of 24 said mine did… and yes men do like to be appreciated even for the simplest things, even if its his duty oo ghasbin 3laih he likes to be appreciated once wife gives him that, he will automatically return int back ..example a husband had lunch infront of tv and hes done so he took the plate and everything to kitchen the dream wife would day 3anik 3anik 7abeeeby estree7 but in real live 70% of the time shes on twitter or FB on instegram and she dose not even know u left the room. and these things do matter to men even if they are simple… once a husband feels under appreciated he tends to lose control and not care as much as before and wife wont even notice hes distant leema its too late and who gets screwed of the kids mesakeeen…. bil kuwait couples dont talk they dont communicate even fights kila bil bbm or whats up… solution is simple Qana3a oo il wa7id ya7mid raba 3ala il 3inda oo 3adam il taqseeer ib 7oqooq il zawj wal il zooga and this garantese happinies bes in kuwait no one fallows the rules or guide lines malhom kiligh ..

    tab3an il kheyanat il zawgya sayra sahala now il shabab galb mayet sayreen laish leana izhigaw shafaw mako faida fa shino esawee he goes out enjoys life .

    o wifes well no as easy as men bes itgazerha izwarat oo tal3at oo gaz oo yam3at and whos the victim of all this the KIDS.

    alah e7afith hal deera oo shababna o banat na 7aram ili ga3id eseer…

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