Top Salons in Kuwait 2012



So you will remember before on the previous blog I had a best salon in Kuwait post, it went exceptionally well and we had lots of yes, nos, likes and dislikes but most of all it was great to be able to share our stories no matter how good or bad.

So it’s now 2012 and quite a few new salons have popped up.

Which salon is best for that wedding do?
Which salon is best for colour?
Which salon is best for waxing?
What about facials? Which salon gives the best facial?
Who is the best colourist in Kuwait?
Who is the best stylist in Kuwait?
Best facials?
Best for henna-hair and hand?
Best for Turkish baths? Not many do this anymore 😦

Any new things we should know about? New techniques, designs or products? Salons feel free to contact me – would love to hear from you!

Right now I’m a fan of Nadine from Cutting Edge, a British girl that is fantastic at colour. She gets mine right every time- no complaints.

For pedis and manis- I love Layla Harmony.
Last week I tried the salon at Safir Hotel but I wasn’t 100 percent happy- I just didn’t feel like she had scrubbed my feet enough, I came home and when I got out of the shower, my feet looked worse than I did when I went there.

For eyebrows- oh I just don’t know. Layla harmony did a great job the last time- that was the first time I had tried them for eyebrows- think I will stick to them, previous salon I went to left me almost bald on my brow line… Not cool.

So ladies- what do you think?

Who fits into and who deserves Top Salons in Kuwait 2012?






6 responses to “Top Salons in Kuwait 2012

  1. I live in the same compound as layla harmony and love their salon, have tried them for putting henna in my hair and for a hair cut as I just recently moved here…I must go to them for a mani and pedi inshallah..
    Have u ever had a facial with them? I need recommendations for a good place for a facial, and not the over pricey spas…normal salons will do..

  2. Well, in that case, a special hello to you as you are neighbor 🙂 Come over and we can have tea together, bring your kids, my son will enjoy playing with them 🙂

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