@UmHassib- Choco All The Way


On Friday, we received a complimentary gift from @UmHassib

12 Beautiful desserts!

I really enjoyed them, they were light and that’s how I like my desserts! I hate these cakes in Kuwait that taste so sweet you can only eat a spoonful! These were light and not heavy at all! Absolutely delicious!

I’m not going to tell you the ingredients! I had an idea what it was- I’ll let you try for yourselves and see.

UmHassib calls it ‘Choco All The Way’ – and what a fantastic name to choose because that’s exactly what it is!




….delicious..oodie and I just loved them.. I think BoKhalid stole a few too!

You can contact UmHassib via Twitter. It’s @UmHassib.

UmHassib also has a small business of women and girls daily essentials and clothes. Be sure to check out her twitter for more info.


4 responses to “@UmHassib- Choco All The Way

  1. Thanks a million Um Khaloodie for the lovely post, you just described it more and better than I would have. Bel3afya for all of you and by the way my phone number is 94096626 for whatsapping.

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