Why getting married changed everything


As a child and even teenager, I used to HATE going to sleep at night. Infact, most nights I didnt sleep. I used to get up and check windows and doors were locked, any noise no matter how loud or soft- scared the hell outta me.
Some might laugh but even as a young adult in my late teens, I used to lie awake and have visions of ‘scream scenes’ only I was the main character. Lol.
I used to have horrible night terrors as a child and in my late teens these night terrors became nightmares.
When I got married- they stopped. Finally, I wasn’t alone.
I still make BoKhalid sleep next to the door but now, I feel safe, there is nothing better than falling asleep in the arms of a man that protects and loves me.


3 responses to “Why getting married changed everything

  1. I know what you mean. My husband had to go out of town for a week and I panicked about sleeping alone. The bed felt sooo empty. I like the security and comfort of my husband at home sleeping next to me.

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