Kuwait’s newest trends – SFKuwait

SFKuwait are a new home business specializing in Studded fashion items!!
They really are one of a kind!
Two very talented sisters are bringing the Catwalk to Kuwait! Think Milan! Think Vogue!20120419-220002.jpg

They sell a range of items, it’s so hard to choose just one particular one that I like, they are all beautiful!

20120419-220016.jpgThey currently have three models of cardigans available and what’s even better is the size range- forget just small- the sizes available range from s to xl and there are many colors you can choose from.


Or… Perhaps you need a new phone case! Why not be different and have a studded cover? They look fab and guaranteed to turn heads! Everyone will want one when they see yours!

Their latest best seller are absolutely fantastic! Super comfy but yet fashionable!


To contact SFKuwait you can do so on twitter or via SMS or whatsapp on 60084141


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