Professional Therapy in Kuwait


There are many reasons for depression and there are also many treatments. Gone are they days when you were put in an asylum in a padded room.

The Soor Centre in Kuwait has a number of Specialized Doctors that can deal with a number of things; marriage counselling, depression and anxiety, stress related disorders etc.

Clinical Director & Licensed Clinical Psychologist at The Soor Centre

Dr. Naif has had a long and successful clinical and academic career. A graduate of Tufts University’s undergraduate program in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Naif further complemented three Master’s degrees with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University. His Master’s degrees include Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, Organizational Psychology from Teacher’s College at Columbia University and Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University. Additionally, he has completed a certificate program in Conflict Resolution, also at Columbia University. He is licensed in the State of New York (APA).Dr. Naif speaks English and Arabic.

You can find more info here

Soor Center for Professional Therapy & Assessment
Telephone: +965-2290-1677
Fax: +965-2290-1688
Skype Id: soorcenter

Press Contact: Ali Obtel
Telephone: +965-6705-3366


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