Pippa Middleton you ignorant toff!

Pippa Middleton- possibly the next Queen of England’s sister this week participated in a very stupid and
Ignorant act.

Pippa Middleton attended a decadent 18th century-themed fancy dress party in Paris just hours before she was photographed with a man aiming a pistol as he sat at the wheel of a car.

Miss Middleton was seen in a car, in which the driver pointed the gun at a photographer taking pictures of her in the French capital- this just weeks after a number of shootings took place in France- how ignorant is she and her

The 27 year-old could now be questioned by French police after she was photographed with the unidentified man aiming a pistol at a photographer on Saturday afternoon.


What happened to the girl in the pretty green dress? She’s now an ignorant toff.





2 responses to “Pippa Middleton you ignorant toff!

  1. THANK YOU FOR THE LIKE ON MY POST……yes this was very silly behavior indeed…….not only is he pointing the gun but his finger is on the trigger….if the photographer had drawn his own gun and shot him he would have had a partially justifiable case for self defence……very stupid behavior.

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