Adoption in Kuwait

Last night I came across a blog and it has had me thinking all day about it… what a truly remarkable gift to give to a child…a home, a guaranteed lifetime of love.

It made me think, why would I be so selfish to have another baby in a year or two using my own eggs, when we in Kuwait have an orphanage full of children needing homes and parents. Mashallah, I have two beautiful biological children already but I have always wanted a big family. Why not help a child who is already here and has no-one?

So, I have contacted Special Mothers (the group for the orphanage in KTown) and have asked a few questions. I would also like to hear from anyone else that has gone through the process already.

You can contact me via email on request or share your comments below.

What does Islam say about Adoption? i’m sure some of you will ask.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said that a person who cares for an orphaned child will be in Paradise with him, and motioned to show that they would be as close as two fingers of a single hand.  An orphan himself, Muhammad paid special attention to the care of children.  He himself adopted a former slave and raised him with the same care as if he were his own son.

Islamic law forbids a man to marry a woman who had been suckled by the same wet nurse as the man, regardless of whether either was adopted by the wet nurse. Here, too, we see that the issue is not adoption, but how social relationships bear on the question of marriageability.

However, the Qur’an gives specific rules about the legal relationship between a child and his/her adoptive family.  The child’s biological family is never hidden; their ties to the child are never severed.  The Qur’an specifically reminds adoptive parents that they are not the child’s biological parents:

“…Nor has He made your adopted sons your (biological) sons.  Such is (only) your (manner of) speech by your mouths.  But Allah tells (you) the Truth, and He shows the (right) Way.  Call them by (the names of) their fathers; that is juster in the sight of Allah.  But if you know not their father’s (names, call them) your brothers in faith, or your trustees.  But there is no blame on you if you make a mistake therein.  (What counts is) the intention of your hearts.  And Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.”

“Did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter?  And He found you wandering, and He gave you guidance.  And He found you in need, and made you independent.  Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness, nor drive away a petitioner (unheard).  But the bounty of the Lord – rehearse and proclaim!”

(Qur’an 93:6-11)


2 responses to “Adoption in Kuwait

    • You are most welcome! Many people are unaware that it is infact an extremely good thing in islam. I just wish more people would do something about the fact that the nursery here has over 500 babies in it….

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