Thanks to The Meat Company!

20120410-080002.jpgLast night was Date Night, we headed out around 7, kids actually went to sleep early… For a change! Both were tucked up and asleep by 6.45, they were awake at 5.30 this morning but hey, it was worth it to get some ‘alone’ time.
20120410-075955.jpgSo we ate at The Meat Company, shockingly neither of us had eaten there before, we were a bit surprised at the price but were not disappointed. It was well worth it.
We had cheesy garlic bread to start, the only thing missing was some sort of a garlic mayo.
We both had a New Yorker from (Australian) not sure how you can have a New Yorker from Oz but it was delicious anyway. They had no american meat at all- no reason given. We were just told it wasn’t available.
We had a chicken caesar salad – best in Kuwait imo, it was really delicious.
The sides were small but enough, we shared steak cut chips, saute mushrooms and ‘onion rings’. They weren’t actually onion rings, they were tobacco onions which are even nicer!
I would have liked to have seen Saute Garlic Potatoes or Garlic Fries on the menu- I hate in Kuwait that we only ever have a choice of ‘mash’ or ‘fries’…
Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience, service was excellent and the food of the highest quality!


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