Shocked Eyebrows in KTown

I’ve been a bit hesitant about posting this but I just have to, as I walked through the Avenues last night, I was amazed by the number of ‘shocked’ faces,, that constant ‘shocked’ look- no, I’m not talking about faces… I’m talking about eyebrows- seriously girls- it’s all got out of hand.
Let’s clear one thing up- I henna my eyebrows because I’ve worn eye pencil for many years and it’s much handier to have henna as I don’t need to apply it everyday BUT…. I still have eyebrow hair and I only colour my own actual eyebrow!
I saw a girl last week in the salon and she had her entire eyebrows waxed off- WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT ??? Seriously it looks ridiculous.
So here’s a tip:
When brows are well groomed they can enhance your eyes and your entire look. As we get older, our brows naturally become sparser, so if you squeeze your brows too thin- or wax them all off as many of you are doing- when you are 60 you will have grey hair with no eyebrows……… This is what i mean the next pic is a big NO NO:

Here’s what I mean…


You really should be going for a more subtle look- by all means, keep
Using the henna- its great, but change the shape and stop waxing your hair off your eyebrows completely! So just clean up the area around your brows and follow their natural arch- it’s much nicer than the constant shocked face…



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