Greeted again, another visitor…

I was greeted again this morning … Only this time I made him greet me. So after alot of googling, i found out, these animals are pests, dirty and actually islam tells us to kill them.
Anyway- this isn’t a religious debate, Personally I can’t kill anything, it’s hust too big, so, I want an alternative. I sprayed vinegar this morning and out he leapt from my flower box.
Anyone know how I can keep them from coming to my garden?
Here are a few things I know keep them away: mothballs, vinegar and egg shells.
The egg shells doesn’t work, if you remember a few days ago I put egg shells in my flowers as an acid fertiliser – hasnt scared them away.
Vinegar- worked in bringing him out but may not keep him away/them away
Mothballs- haven’t tried yet…
Anyone know anything else?






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