Three little visitors

Tonight, i was greeted, not once, not twice but three times by lizards………..
All three different sizes and colours… All coming from my flower boxes. 🌺
I was not at all happy, petrified is a better description.
Anyway, i’ve done a bit of googling and it turns out, the first and the last were te normal geckos but the second was a Yellow-spotted Night Lizard (Lepidopyma Flavimaculatum). Gross eh?







10 responses to “Three little visitors

  1. I heard lizards mean good luck. Don’t kill them. Tell your husband (’cause I know us women hate this kind of things) to take them out, that’s if they’re in the house. But if they’re not, let them live. They were made by God too and as long as they don’t come inside, then it’s okay.

    • In Islam they are one of the things u can kill and not be punished for. Look up Sulaiman and the lizard plus Islam on a google search 😉
      100 hasanat if u kill them with one strike.
      70 if u kill them with two 😉

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