Fancy an Omelette? Yummy yummy.


Saturday mornings also consist of something yummy for breakfast, this morning it was an Omelette- a cheddar cheese, cherry tomato and turkey ham omelette!
So first- crack open those four eggs, (this serves 2), whisk those eggs with some salt and better and about 1/4 of a cup of milk.
Once you have whisked them, set the eggs to one side and start with your ingredients, you can choose whatever you want.
You want to have enough ingredients to add a little bit of flavour – don’t go overboard.
Heat up the pan using butter/margarine NOT oil or you end up with an oily omelette.

After you have heated up the pan, you are going to want to pour those eggs that you have whisked up on there… This part is important- careful go round the pan 360degrees and drag in about a cm of egg, as you do this tilt the pan to fill in the gaps with more egg mixture.
As the egg starts to cook, you are going to want to turn on your grill- let that heat up.
While you have your omelette on the stove, you need to start adding your ingredients, I also add the cherry tomatoes first as they take longer to cook.

After the tomato, add your cheese and your ham, leave for about a minute or two- no longer or you will burn the bottom and then stick your omelette under the grill to cook the top part.



After two to three minutes you will see your cheese melting, tomatoes cooked and the top surface cooked.
Now is the tricky bit- you need to close the omelette. Fold it over. Bring one half to meet the other half. Cut it down the middle and garnish- you can do it the Majorcan way and serve with french fries or you can serve with salad or for a main meal serve with both but that’s a lot of food!



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